Carpentry Package & Millwork

At N. Sejas Construction we provide exceptional carpentry and millwork service packages that can be customized to suit your needs. We can help build interiors of your business or home to make it stand out. Our success has been built on the skilled work of experienced craftsman with an impeccable customer service mentality. We have a dedicated team of licensed professionals who provide our customers with quality, affordable workmanship and can assist with a full range of carpentry services. Contact us today to discuss your project and we can put the right workers to work for you to meet your carpentry needs.

Doors and Hardware

N. Sejas Construction has experienced door and hardware installation teams to complete any job any size job, from servicing or replacing a single commercial swinging door to installation of a complete new-construction or renovation project. All of our highly trained workers can install and service hollow metal, aluminum interior, wood, fiberglass and specialty doors and frames. We can replace existing frames or install new doors in or repair existing openings. Our installers have experience installing virtually any type of hardware, trim or accessory for swinging doors. We specialize in the most complicated commercial hardware items such as concealed vertical rod panic devices, handicapped door operators, electronic locks, electromagnetic locks and floor closers.

Ceramic Tile Installation

N. Sejas Construction offers professional ceramic tile installation. Tiles offers building projects a visual and tactile beauty that no other material can. A few benefits of ceramic tiles are: easy to maintain, adaptable, durable and stylish. With our creative and experienced team, you can be ensure that each project results in a lifetime of elegance and value. Our professional workers can inspect your project site in just a short time to provide you a fair and affordable quote. One of our courteous staff members will sit and discuss all of your options with you. We will be delighted to install your ceramic tile in the most cost effective and expedient method possible. We will consult with you every step of the way in order to ensure that our team provides exactly what you and your family need. One of our experts will update you about our progress and scheduling dates.


N. Sejas Construction understands that a project is not complete until the structure is painted inside and outside. The quality of the paint job can make or break a project. We ensure every paint job inside and outside of the structures are done correctly with attention to details. When we work on existing buildings and houses, we start by taking the time to protect your facility, equipment, and inventory. All surfaces will be properly prepared before applying the specified coating. Preparations include hand and power tool cleaning, patching, priming and a detailed masking of all areas. We finish with a high-quality, durable paint, customized for your job. 

Acoustical Ceiling

We specialize in the installation of acoustical suspended ceilings, drop ceilings, and acoustic sound panels. Many old structures have high ceilings designed to let hot air run out of the living space. This design has also become a popular option in many offices and commercial buildings. Acoustic ceilings were developed as a solution to lower the ceiling height for modern rooms and environments and to isolate sound. We comply with all building regulations and work with a variety of materials. Our skilled workers take care to secure beams and hide items like heating and cooling systems, electric and lighting 


At N. Sejas Construction, we understand that drywall is what every client sees, and it’s frequently taken to be an indicator of the overall quality of the project. We deliver consistent, high quality services, because we want our work to meet your client’s expectations. We pay close attention to details for every drywall installation and we use high quality products to get the job done. 


Plastering is an ancient technique that is still widely used when constructing or remodeling structures. We have experienced teams that specialized in plastering to ensure a quality finish. We only use high quality materials and ensure the plastering will last for years to come. We offer all interior and exterior plaster/stucco. We are able to produce many different types of textures utilizing products such as: BMI 690, BMI 290, BMI marble smooth finish, Drivit color coat, Diamond veneer interior plaster, with other options available.


N. Sejas Construction has the ability to perform a variety of services for the removal of industrial, commercial and residential structures. Whether you’re in need of commercial demolition services to totally strip the inside of an office building, or you simply need to tear down an old yard shed, N. Sejas Construction is here to help. Our demolition professionals excel at preparing construction sites, safely removing contaminants and unnecessary waste products, and disposing of them properly. We have the experience, equipment, and tools needed to demolish structures quickly and efficiently. No job is too big or too small. We have a proven track record of meeting challenging deadlines while maintaining a safe work environment. 

Framing (Interior/Exterior)

We know that the finish quality of the job starts with the framing, and always take the time to make sure that it is done correctly. Whether you need a framer for a commercial building or a multi-unit townhouse, we have the experience to do it right every time. For each framing installation, a project manager evaluates the project, monitors the budget, and ensures the quality of work. Our qualified team is in constant communication to complete each project within the estimated price and time frame. The project manager will coordinate with you regarding the materials used, the work to be performed, and any required security measures.